Cause and Effect

If we carefully look at the happenings around us and the things happening to us, we can clearly see a cause for all….

But most of us are not ready to agree this simple fact and that is the reason we are not paying any attention to what we think and what we do…

We say thoughts are powerful on one hand and on the other hand we don’t care what we think.

We read every action has its own reaction and we are referring science and scientists to support this but on the other hand we are not paying attention to what we do….

I remember hearing this during one of the spiritual discourses. Adi Shankara (Saint and Philosopher) was asked “In your opinion what is the strangest thing in this world”?  Or in other words tell me something made you wonder about this world”… He replied “I see everywhere people want peace, happiness and similar type of things. I see these are their goals. They are striving towards happiness. But I really wonder the things they do, the activities they do are totally against what they intend to achieve. It really surprises me”…

I heard OSHO telling this. “Just a century ago a group of Tribes in Africa had no idea that the birth of a child and sexual intercourse were connected…”Why they were not able to correlate these two, cause and effect? We may say “Because of poor education, lack of knowledge etc” but the time gap between the cause and effect play a crucial role…Seed is sown before several months the real effect taking place. Is not it? This is very much applicable to our lives as well. Because of the time gap, we are not able to recognize the real cause and we are terrified with the effect if it is bad. Then we say to ourselves “Why did this happen to me? I did not do anything…I am not lucky etc etc”

Sometimes I think we really don’t believe in cause and effect…we are just reading. But not ready to believe….We have to accept the truth and follow or only experience has to teach us. Which one is better?

Remember the Golden rule always while enjoying the life

“Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets” KJV Matthew 7:12

I am reminded this quote of King Solomon

“Who is the wise man? He who sees what’s going to be born”