Ever living Soul

Often we hear that soul does have everlasting life. There is no birth and death for soul. Birth and death are applicable only to the forms or to the bodies or to whichever forms we take.

If we really ponder on this statement we will start seeing things differently. If we really have some experience on this, then it will have more values. That is the reason, in most of the near-death experience cases and out of body experience cases they say “My life becomes totally different” after the incident.

There is a significance in detaching the soul from the body or transcend our awareness beyond the form. Meditation is very much useful for achieving this heightened awareness and not simply meditation but meditation with devotion to the one power….to the one GOD….

I am reminded about one of the sayings of Marcus Aurelius “It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live”

Have a good life…..