Remembering God

Is it necessary to remember God? If He is all knowing and takes care of us why we need to remember ? These are all some common questions asked by any skeptical spiritual wanderer.

In my opinion, remembrance is must and that works perfectly rather than being skeptical. I strongly believe and experience, even if start remembering the Highest Force through methodical meditation or through some other means there is a strong pull from the FORCE and eventually we will end up calling him Father…..Even if we start with skeptical mind, we end up in saying to ourselves “Yes, something is there….It is TRUTH”

You got my point….There is a binding love between everyone of us and the God and it is better to nurture THAT to have LIFE….Is it a practice? No, in my opinion it is an inward urge…

So let us not suppress the urge and make a conscious connection with THAT all knowing intelligence…

“I call upon God’s Name and on my own” – A Course in Miracles: Lesson 183

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